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Here are a number of BM'S Old Boys. Click on their name and it will take you to their personal collection of photos from their time with Buries Markes. Use the menu on the right or left to navigate your way around the pages. If the link does not work it means that there are no photos linked to that individual (yet).

David Thomas Steve Farrow Les Edgecumbe Peter Foster John Frisby Ivan Milnes Ronald Geoffrey Summers
Mike Vanko
Keith Barnes Mark Linney Lyndon Davies Bill Forsyth Peter Hamilton William (Bill) Jones Paul Tucker Peter Crees Trevor Clements Barry Brickstock Brian Hughes
Charles Coughlan
John Coughlan
Dennis Howes
Roy V. Martin Mike Coker Mike Gough Pete Swaysland Stephen Buckley
Tim Smith
Noel (Noodles) O'Brien
Denis Mair
Stuart Duncan
Neil Hills
Davy Gunn
Bill Donaldson
Bill Dunlop
Paul Harrison
Peter Knights
Martyn Nequest
Carl Hendrickson
Tom Neal
Jerri Llama
Ernest Fletcher
Colin Topping


Keith Gibb
George Edwards
Fairley Downes
Graham Fletcher
Alan Pink
Paul Hirtle
Tony Hall
Colin Clarke
Steve Woodhouse
Peter Devenish
Alan Templeton
Rod Holroyd
Roger Brooker
Leo Dean

If you worked for BM & you would like your name added to this list of BM Old Boys, just send me your details & I will do the rest. If you have any photos of your time with BM & would like to share them, I will create a page especially for you. If you would like to get in touch with an old shipmate, let me know & I will set the wheels in motion.

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Chris Flatley
Robert (Bob) Evans
Mike Pack
Capt C.E.Elms

Please be aware that I have no log book records for any of BM's vessels or any personal discharge books other than my own. The information on this website has been obtained through my own research & is purely for nostalgic purposes only. The copying of photographs from this site is stricktly forbidden unless you have obtained permission from me & the owner of the photograph.

Emmanuel Spiteri
Richard Ley
Shay Hickey
Andy Flemming
Donald Lindsay
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