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A Brief History of Buries Markes

Buries Markes were officially founded in 1930, but did not start trading until 1932 with the second hand purchase of their first cargo ship Cedrus. In 1938 BM began it's long association with the French when Louis Dreyfus acquired the company and commissioned BM's first diesel-powered vessel the La Pampa.

After losing two vessels during WWII Buries continued to increase their fleet with the arrival of the La Cordillera in 1947 and re-named an old American cargo ship La Estancia. In 1948 Buries aquired the Merchant Aircraft Carrier Empire MacDermott and converted her to a cargo ship, re-naming her the La Cumbre.

Through the 1950's the fleet grew with the addition of La Orilla, La Estancia (the original being transferred to Montship), La Quinta, La Loma, La Hacienda, La Chacra, La Laguna, La Ensenada and a brand new La Orilla. In 1956 La Pradera was purchased and she was the first British Tramp ship to have her engines aft. She was followed by the La Bahia and the La Barranca.

Between 1958 and 1960 Buries ordered ten new vessels to replace their aging fleet. They continued adding to the fleet in 1963 with the purchase of La Chacra and in 1966 La Estancia and La Sierra were built.

In 1969 the Gearbulk consortium was formed and within ten years BM operated over 35 bulk carriers of 25,000 to 38,000 dwt. Buries heralded the end of the 60's by adding two coastal tankers in the La Hacienda and the La Quinta. The 70's saw the formation of Interchem and the addition of six more tankers to the fleet. BM also purchased brand new Gearbulk vessels in the La Costa, La Cordillera and the La Primavera.

1981/2 saw the addition of the La Pampa and La Chacra. Despite adding to the Chemical fleet, it was sold in 1989 to Stolt Neilson. The sale of Interchem sounded the death bells throughout the Buries Markes organisation and the company was wound up shortly after 1991...


This video was found on You Tube by ex-BM man George Edwards.

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