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LA LOMA: BM OWNED 1953-1958


Gross Tonnage: 7210

DWT: 10865

LPP: 126.8m

Beam: 17.3m

Type: Cargo Ship

Engine: Turbine

Number of Screws: 1

Speed (kn): 11

Built: 1944

Launch Date: 31/3/1944

Date of Completion: 4/1944

Builder: Bethlehem, Fairfield USA

Location & Yard No: Fairfield - 2347

Formerley: "Samsturdy" (Liberty Ship) in 1944 for British Government

Formerly: "Baluchistan" in 1947 for Hindustan Steam Sg Co Ltd

Renamed: for BM under Louis Dreyfus in 1953

Renamed: "Angelic Force" in 1958 for Zoodochos Cia Naviera SA

Renamed: "Dynamis" in 1959 for Zoodochos Cia Naviera SA

Disposal Date: Broken up in Izumi-otsu, Osaka 5/11/1966

loma2 La Loma 1944 Betlehem Fairfield