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La Pradera BM Owned 1956 - 1965

Gross Tonnage: 8500

DWT: 11366

Overall Length: 138.3m

LPP: 131.0m

Beam: 18.6m

Type: Cargo Ship

Engine: Diesel 6 Cylinder 2 stroke (4600 bhp)

Number of Screws: 1

Speed (kn): 13

Built: 1956

Launch Date: 9/7/1956

Date of Completion: 10/1956

Builder: L'Atlantique

Location & Yard: St Nazaire - 368

Info: She was the first British Deep-Sea tramp ship to have her engines aft. This design gave a higher DWT & more economy as an open shelter - decker. Her Maierform Hull had a raked bow & cruiser stern. A feature of her construction was the specially toughened steel between the sheestrake & the stringer - plating between the hatch coaming & deck - plates to prevent cracks. She had 5 holds with 5 hatches on the shelterdeck & 7 on the weatherdeck, removable steel bulkheads & wooden feeders in the holds & 'tween decks for grain cargoes.


Renamed: "Sapphire" in 1965 for Bulet State Enterprise

Renamed: "Sapphire" in 1968 for Nav Maritime Bulgare

Renamed: "Panaiot Hitov" in 1970 for Nav Maritime Bulgare

Renamed: "Glory" in 1979 for Licavitos Sg Co SA

Renamed: "Pan Buana" in 1981 for Buana Sg Co SA

Disposal Date: Broken up in Gadani Beach on 11/4/1983

La Pradera 1956 Ch del Atl

La Pradera    1956 - 1965   Crew List


Allen Hawker  Catering Boy  11/1962 - 2/1963

Peter Riley   Deck Cadet   2/1963 - 8/1963

Steve Farrow  Deck Apprentice 8/1963 - 5/64

Bob Mackay   Deck Boy  1964