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Born in Kingston upon Hull, Mike followed his Captain father’s footsteps into the Merchant Navy.

Mike has written his first book "Down By The Markes" which is a record of Mike’s first trip with Buries Markes Ltd on their La Cordillera.

Mike went on from La Cordillera to a further 6 ships, La Colina, La Falda, La Bahia, La Pradera, Montcalm and La Pampa, before deciding to give shore life a chance

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Mike Gough

Please be aware that I have no log book records for any of BM's vessels or any personal discharge books other than my own. The information on this website has been obtained through my own research & is purely for nostalgic purposes only. The copying of photographs from this site is stricktly forbidden unless you have obtained permission from me & the owner of the photograph.